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2021 Blanket Tutorial

My last blanket tutorial was over 5 years ago so I decided to make a new post using the blanket I made today to model!

1. Trim the labeled edges off of the fabric (you can see them in the picture below).

2. Cut the fabric in half (one piece will be the top of the blanket and the other will be the bottom).

*Note: if you are using fabric from a "no-sew" kit, it comes pre-cut so you don't need to cut the fabric in half, just use each piece as one side of the blanket*

3. Put one piece of fabric on top of the other (if there is a blurry side, make sure that is either facing up on the bottom fabric or facing down on the top fabric).

4. Cut out one square in one of the four corners of the blanket; I like to do about 3.5" x 3.5" but you can alter that depending on the size of the blanket (make sure to be cutting both layers of fabric). If you are using a "no-sew" kit, the square that comes with the kit works too.

4. Repeat in the rest of the corners (you can use the fabric from the first square cut-out as a stencil for the other three).

5. Cut little flaps along all sides of the fabric; I like to cut about 2" x 1" pieces but you can estimate without a ruler (remember to cut both layers of fabric at the same time). When in doubt, cut longer, thinner flaps (but not too thin that it tears).

6. Tie off all flaps with a double knot, using one top flap and one bottom flap to do so.

And you're done!


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