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Tie Blanket Tutorial!

First, choose your fabrics. I recommend fleece fabrics from Joann fabrics.

Second, line up the two fabrics. The one you want as the front side should go on top.

Next, cut off any trim, such as writing, that you won't want to be seen on the blanket.

Now you can begin to cut the fabric. Cut around the rectangle so both fabrics are equal in size. Ideally you can only see the top fabric from a birds-eye view.

Now, you can find a paper square. You can also cut one. If your blanket is about the size of a standard pillow, 3.5 by 3.5 inches is a good size for a paper square.

Now, you are going to line this square up on each of the four corners of your fabric in turn.

Cut through both layers of fabric so each corner has a square cut out of it.

Now, you are going to gently cut little flaps of fabric all along the edges of your fabric. These should be long and thin, but not too thin so as you don't rip the fabric when tying the knots later on.

When you are done cutting, the blanket should look like this (besides the few knots):

Now, your last step is to tie the knots! You will bring the top fabric (the rainbow colored one in this example) through for the first knot. Then you will make a second knot and the bottom fabric will go through the hole in the knot. You can make knots with every set of flaps (top and bottom). Don't worry if it gets bunched up, you can smooth it down with your hand when you finish. Note: don't pull too hard when making the knots because the fabric might break!

When you finish the knots, you are all done!

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