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Childhood Cancer Quick Facts:
  • Childhood cancer research gets only FOUR PERCENT of the funds donated to all cancer research

  • The treatments that were used sixty years ago are still used today

    • There haven’t been any major advances in six decades to save children’s lives

  • Chemo is poison, and although it is used to kill the cancer cells, it has lifelong complications

    • Some children who do not pass away due to their cancer lose their lives later on from the chemo

      • Children who are deemed “survivors” and included in the five years cancer free statistics don’t go back to “normal.” They may be back in school or dance or any hobbies they have, but they will live the rest of their lives with complications such as:

        • Hearing loss

        • Vision problems

        • Lung and liver diseases

        • Heart problems

        • Dental problems

        • Infertility

        • Mental health illnesses such as anxiety or ptsd


Brie and her beanie

It is so important that childhood cancer gets more than 4% of all funds directed towards cancer research so we can find a safer form of treatment for these kids, one that won’t just save them from the cancer, but will also save them from the lifelong complications due to the medicine that is supposed to save their lives. Not only do they deserve to live long and healthy lives, but they also deserve to really live and not just survive.

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