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I aim to raise awareness for DIPG and all childhood cancers one blanket at a time.  

What began as learning to make blankets and pillows with my Nana on my new sewing machine (hence the name "Seams" of Hope!) turned into a bigger and more exciting project than I could have ever imagined.  Switching to making tie blankets has been a way for me to give those who have no experience in arts and crafts the opportunity to join in.  I was 13 when I started this little project, and had no idea that I would reach more than a few families, or that people in communities around me would want to participate. It has been such an honor to do this work, and I hope that these blankets spread even just a tiny bit more awareness about the reality of childhood cancer and how more research is desperately needed for a cure for DIPG, and for safer and more reliable treatments for children fighting all types of cancer.

IMG_3327 2.jpg
Anastasia and her blanket
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